OilVac Australia offers an extensive range of Service Trailer designs and configurations incorporating the Sage OilVac systems.

Sage OilVac lube trailers do not require a dedicated vehicle and can be left at the job site or yard, making them an economical and convenient option for any operation.

Efficiency – An exclusive tank design creates a vacuum to draw fluid into the tank and uses air pressure (instead of a pump) to dispense fluids out of the tank and into your equipment.

Versatility – Carry large volumes of oil and other fluids in separate tanks. Vacuum fresh fluid from bulk tanks, drums or totes.

Convenience – Just hook up the trailer and go or leave it on the job site.

To accommodate the requirements of our diverse customer base, OilVac Australia has developed Service Trailers with features such as full trailer bunding, tool box cabinets, compressor covers, auxiliary lights, reel cabinets and a host of hose length and diameter combinations.

The powerful and reliable diesel motor compressor fitted to the Sage OilVac compressor models can deliver a constant air supply to the OilVac systems allowing for connection of various air tools to the on board air line reel and greaser. All of this is achieved with minimal working parts.

OilVac Australia Service Trailers have an outstanding record of reliability and efficiency rapidly becoming a popular choice for many operators as they allow maximum utilisation of vehicles and can be quickly and easily deployed for servicing of field equipment, eliminating the risk of lubricant contamination and fluid spills in the field.

The OilVac Australia Service Trailers are designed to allow easy removal of the Sage OilVac skid from the trailer unit should it be required for static operation or alternative vehicle mount.


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  • Choose from small single-axle trailers with GVWR 3500 lbs up to 18,000 lbs GVW fuel & lube combo trailers
  •  2-tank small capacity trailers up to 7-tank trailers



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