At less than 122cm wide, Lube Skids fit in the bed of most pickup trucks, service bodies and mechanic’s trucks. Forklift guides allow for easy loading and unloading of the Lube Skid when it needs to be left at a job site or the mobile oil change truck is needed for another use. Lube Skids are available with multiple tank sizes and configurations. Lube Skids may be equipped with an air compressor or can use an existing air source.

Sage OilVac lube skids are an ideal choice for operations that want versatile, high-performance lube equipment and the convenience of not needing a dedicated vehicle or trailer:

Efficiency – Exclusive tank design creates a vacuum to draw fluid into tank and uses air pressure (instead of a pump) to dispense fluids out of the tank and into your equipment.

Convenience – Transport the skid in the back of virtually any work truck or just leave it on the job site.

Control – A control panel at the skid rear controls all tanks and compressors.

Versatility – Lower carrying capacity of fluids makes lube skids ideal for maintaining or “topping off” fluid levels of equipment. Multiple tanks for managing various fluid types without contamination.



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Lube Skids
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