Sage OilVac Systems


Why are OILVAC Australia customers so enthusiastic about OILVAC systems.

  • OILVAC systems have proven lube change out times.
  • OILVAC systems are extremely cost effective.
  • OILVAC systems are available for hire to approved customers.
  • OILVAC’s extremely long service simplifies the capital expenditure consideration.
  • OILVAC is virtually maintenance free and simplistic to operate.
  • OILVAC systems ensure lubricant integrity.
  • OILVAC has proven to satisfy environmental obligations.


Whilst standard models are the majority of sales, customers are reassured that we take the time to work with them to design and build an OILVAC system that best suits their needs.

Many customers now have multiple units in operation in both small and large business operations such as major resource companies, equipment manufacturers, fleet owners, wind farm operators, service providers, military, marine and farming operations.

As a result, the virtually maintenance free service life an OilVac system has the potential to add great asset value to any business. There are a number of innovative and patented features of the OilVac system. They are modular, easy to handle and can be transported on trailers, the back of work site small vehicles, trucks, static mounted in workshops or in a trolley design.

The purchase of each Sage OilVac system includes a comprehensive product familiarisation and operational training session to ensure you achieve optimum value. The OilVac system is sold with a product manual and online training guide to enable in house training for users of the system, post-acquisition.

The pressure and vacuum tanks incorporated in each Sage OilVac units are manufactured, tested and approved to comply with ASME and Australian Standard 1210.