Distributor Of Sage OILVAC Lube Oil Exchange Systems

Located in Western Australia and an associate company of OIL and Energy PTY LTD, OILVAC Australia is the S.E Asian Distributor of Sage OILVAC lube oil exchange systems, service trailers, oil filtration modules and oil and coolant recovery systems

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OILVAC Australia provides industry with:
  • OILVAC field servicing equipment offers real savings for operators in terms of its efficiency, reliability and patented design to accommodate environmental obligations.
  • Field and workshop OILVAC Hire units.
  • OILVAC Wind Turbine gearbox lubricant exchange systems.
  • Clean and reliable quick drain technology utilising FEMCO products. Experience the convenience of not having to remove and replace sump or drain plugs on each oil drain. Spilt waste oil and related clean up consumables are a thing of the past with FEMCO.
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The FEMCO drain products have been designed to simplify the task of removing waste oil from engines and associated components, either by gravity drain or vacuum extraction. FEMCO fittings also accommodate the replenishment of new oil into equipment from which it has been drained, , which makes them a great choice in terms of cost-saving and worker safety.

FEMCO drain fittings virtually eliminate spill, skin contact with waste oil and contamination of new oil, which makes them a great choice in terms of cost-saving and worker safety.

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